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Merchant accounts available for merchants around the world There are those who make things happen, and then there are those who wonder what happened! Find out what to look for *and* what to expect when venturing offshore for merchant accounts processing, offshore companies, investments and banking services.

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Acceptable business types What is
an acceptable
business model?
What is an acceptable
merchant? These are
some terms you have
probably heard asked.
These terms some times
mean pretty much the
same, but sometimes not.

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Acceptable merchantsAcceptable

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Safe Secure Privacy Protection

Banking  industries are having their systems and data compromised Too. Sadly, most people do not realize that many aspects of every-day internet usage is no longer secure. Basic email communications as well as web browsing and web communications can easily be intercepted, compiled and monitored by anonymous parties including your internet service provider. Banking service industries which traditionally are secure, are having their systems and data compromised as well.

Recently, teams have successfully proven that with some ingenuity and using a number of Play Station 3's daisy chained together to create a powerful mini "super computer", it is possible to break through the long standing SSL 128 bit encryption that has been used for SSL secure websites, banking communications and other secure communications.

Although this event is not yet commonly known, there is a good chance that even if a merchant banking service site (or any other website providing services that is using SSL encryption) provides their visitors with a secure website to visit, their SSL certificates for their SSL website only has 128 bit encryption which is now known to be able to be compromised by using commonly available consumer electronics.

Large internet service providers caught collecting detailed information about everything a person does on the internet. And if that isn't enough of a problem to be worried about, some of the largest internet service providers in America as well as their advertising partners in the advertising industry were recently caught systematically collecting detailed information about everything an internet customer views, interacts with, websites pages viewed and the content contained on those web pages as well as content and individuals they are sending or getting emails from in addition to all their chat and IM messages being sent or received through many popular instant messaging systems and social networking sites etc. Not just the website URLS or email addresses a person is emailing to,
but . . .

E V E R Y T H I N G !

The excuse given was that the information being gathered was only for advertising purposes, or so they said. But in reality, this information which was going to be given to the advertising partners which in essence would be all but selling a person's soul without their knowledge or permission to who ever wanted to pay for it, would result in the wholesale collection and release of everything a person did said or wrote on the internet without the person's knowledge or permission that probably even many of their close friends would not know. It is becoming increasingly apparent that those with the ability, no longer hesitate to engage in the systematic monitoring and gathering of personal information, activities, behavior and associations, whether legal or not (not to mention anything about it being ethical or not).

Identity theft steals billions each year from unsuspecting victims. It is now an established fact that identity theft and the resulting financial losses to the victims whether it be the consumer's personal loss or within the banking industry itself, has become a multi-billion dollar industry for thief’s and vagabonds. And, identity theft is not the only way a person, company or even a country can be harmed by theft of information while being transmitted over the internet.

Internet experts say that the very nature and most aspects of the internet is “ not secure”, which given the resources, manpower and time, can probably be proven to be so without much effort. They also say that what virus', Trojans and spyware that anti-virus software does catch is probably only a fraction of the actual viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware etc. that is actually being used, as many viruses, Trojans and spyware applications that are developed for a particular purpose and limited scope, are not discovered unless they are widely distributed. Limited use viruses, Trojan and/or spyware applications may never be discovered. Sadly, this puts the average internet user in jeopardy, even when they are serious about trying to be careful.

It is probably all but impossible to be totally secure when using the internet, as even state of the art well funded scientific, corporate, military and administrative computer and internet systems are compromised all the time. So, what is a person to do? In short, do the best you can to be careful and if at all possible NEVER visit, interact with and most importantly communicate over a website that does not have at least 256 bit SSL encryption if privacy or security is a concern.

Even if a website has SSL protection, if the website and all communications are not properly configured, it is possible for a savvy hacker or internet thief to do what is called a “man-in-the-middle” attack, and intercept any communication as it travels over the internet, or from a secure SSL website to the company’s staff computers.

Obtaining this knowledge from a trusted source, Offshore Merchant Account On The Net ® tm sm chose to immediately invest time and resources to provide our readers and clients that visit our website with much more secure 256 bit SSL encryption. When you visit our website, you can be assured that your viewing experience as well as any communications via our online forms are encrypted from your computer's browser to our website with the highest encryption standard that most browsers are currently able to interact with.

Whether a merchant is a start up business or an established larger corporation doing substantial processing either stateside or internationally, Offshore merchant account on the net ® tm sm realizes that your privacy is important to you. Due to the recent significant compromises in internet security that our sources revealed to us, everything a visitor to our website now sees and interacts with in reviewing our merchant account banking ACH and credit card account options or submits an online application request, is done via far stronger 256 bit SSL encryption.

Offshore merchant account on the net ® tm sm provides 256 bit secure SSL encryption for client security Offshore merchant account on the net ® tm sm not only provides SSL encrypted communications when a visitor communicates via our website, but also when a client submits their confidential information and supporting documents using one of our secure connections using the same computer systems that major banks use for their secure communication needs. You can feel safe when visiting Offshore Merchant Account On The Net ® tm sm, as well as when you submit your supporting documents and application over our SSL 256 bit encrypted networks from your computer to the computers in our office. Be sure to ask for a secure private connection before sending in your supporting documents and application paperwork.

Please be aware that faxes, telephone calls and especially open emails are no longer private or secure. If you are not sure if a merchant account service provider’s website, communications and system are using at least 256 bit encryption for their communications to help protect their customers, we would recommend that you visit their office personally to ensure that your personal identity and financial information has a better chance of being protected from internet thieves. If that is not possible, then we would suggest you consider the services of Offshore Merchant Account On The Net ® tm sm where you know that your personal and sensitive communications are protected on the enternet.

Be sure you visit websites that have 256 bit SSL encryption Make sure that the little golden lock on your browser which is usually in the lower right corner of your browser (but can also sometimes be located at the top by the address bar), is in the “locked” position and also make sure that the website your are visiting is also using at least 256 bit encryption while visiting their website as well as when communicating over their website if you are concerned about your privacy.

Timely news to keep you informed about changes & events on the internet, in the business world as well as the merchant banking industry.

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We Take
Your Privacy Seriously.

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                                    privacy seriously.  Click here to verify.

Do you wonder if your personal identity and financial information is being protected by the service companies that you trust your personal information with?

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Global financial crisis,
upheavals in social
stability, feeling like
everything you do is
being "watched" or
worse, taxed to death,
finding conflicting info
on the internet about
international business
or going "offshore",

What does a person do?

If you are in need of access to one of most extensive user friendly and easy to understand library archives and timely on-going reports and resources about what is really going on, how to properly deal with the aspects of multi-national business, how to manage international investing, tax obligations and asset protection, you need to check this out.

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