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Merchant accounts available for merchants around the world There are those who make things happen, and then there are those who wonder what happened! Find out what to look for *and* what to expect when venturing offshore for merchant accounts processing, offshore companies, investments and banking services.

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Acceptable business types What is
an acceptable
business model?
What is an acceptable
merchant? These are
some terms you have
probably heard asked.
These terms some times
mean pretty much the
same, but sometimes not.

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Acceptable merchantsAcceptable

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Offshore Investing Tax Report

Alt Title. Thousands of U.S. taxpayers have put money into a foreign trust or foreign corporation based on incorrect advice and are now paying huge fines to the IRS for unreported income in their foreign entity. A lot of the problems arise from a considerable amount of innacurate information and outright fraudulent promotions being presented on the internet regarding asset protection and
international tax issues.

Common sense tells us that there is no safety in doing nothing. Yet, if a person tries to do something (usually in ignorance of what they really need to know), there is also a risk of being caught in the web of some predatory promoter of offshore structures or even domestic limited partnerships that are of questionable value because of how poorly they are structured. If a person does nothing, the chances also increase dramatically of becoming vulnerable to predatory lawsuits and government agencies using opportunistic forfeiture procedures to seize property and assets as a method of profit taking so as to cover their budget expenses. The next thought that comes to mind is . . .

"What can I do"?

There are quite a few things you can do to protect your assets from predatory litigants without venturing outside the U.S., but if you are concerned about a failing dollar, rising inflation, potential price controls and worse, you need to move some of your assets offshore. But in doing so, that will subject you to an assortment of complex and confusing tax rules that are very different from the rules that apply in the states.

Mr. Jacobs and the Offshore Press monitor a wide variety of tax news with an emphasis on international taxes that affect subscribers who have a foreign trust, foreign LLC, foreign partnership, foreign corporation, an IBC (international business company) as well as foreign annuity or life insurance policies.

Vernon Jacobs CPA. The publisher of the Jacobs Report and International Wealth Protection Monitor, President of Offshore Press, Inc., a Certified Public Accountant, former insurance executive and frequent speaker and lecturer at some of the world's leading financial/offshore business, investment and tax conventions, seminars and workshops, Mr. Jacobs has been authoring and publishing international tax, legal and computer related material for over thirty years giving him a unique position and technical background to be able to tell when someone in a legal profession or other self proclaimed 'expert' tries to promote inaccurate advice, and has also given him the insight and professional experience to recruit and gather together some of the very best and brightest in the field to help him deal with honest disputes between various experts.

Mr. Jacobs actively encourages his clients, readers and those he lectures and instructs, to protect their assets from the numerous legal and financial predators in today's world and to avoid the many tax traps and pitfalls that could get them in serious trouble with the tax authorities when dealing with international business, investments and tax issues both stateside as well as abroad, and instructs them on how to venture offshore without getting in trouble with the tax authorities.

Mr. Jacobs has observed that a lot of people are very worried about the U.S. economy. Matter of fact, they are so worried that they are looking for ways to move some assets outside the U.S. -- just in case. Some of the methods Americans are moving their assets offshore are:

How To Be Sure Your Assets Are Safe Offshore by Vernon K. Jacobs.
* an offshore trust, and/or

* a foreign limited liability company, and/or

* a foreign annuity, and/or

* a foreign variable life insurance policy, and/or

* a foreign bank account, and/or

* a business in other countries.

Some people are even moving offshore to live and work for a few years, and an increasing number of U.S. citizens and permanent residents (green card holders) are increasingly asking about the new rules for expatriating. Mr. Jacobs cautions however that venturing offshore exposes a person to a lot of confusing tax rules. Failing to comply with those rules could result in really severe and costly penalties.

In addition to Mr. Jacob's free discussion group Q&A online newsletter The Jacobs Report, Mr. Jacob's paid subscription "International Wealth Protection Monitor" provides ongoing updates to the various books that Mr. Jacobs and the Offshore Press publishes on asset protection and international taxation as well as full access to his library archive.

If you have been seriously thinking about doing any of these things, undoubtedly you have some questions. And if you have some questions which most likely you do, Mr. Jacobs and Offshore Press, Inc. have answers. Unlike hypes and hustles found on the internet trying to sell people some kind of boiler plate package, an international business company or some other kind of expensive product or packaged service, as well as most in the legal or tax/accounting fields who are likely to provide iffy and un-educated answers that are mixed with vauge legaleze or outright ignorance, Mr. Jacobs only provides answers and clarifications that are to the point and easy to understand.

U.S. Tax Compliance Guide For Offshore Investors by Vernon K. Jacobs. * A lot of the answers are in his books.

* Up to date answers are in his twice monthly newsletter.

* In-depth answers are also provided in his seminars.

* Personalized answers are also available with his phone consultation service.

* Books about offshore asset protection and related tax rules that are updated regularly in both ebook and printed formats are available.

The International Wealth Protection Monitor published by Mr. Jacobs and Offshore Press, Inc., is a twice monthly email newsletter to keep his subscribers up to date on changes in the tax laws, asset protection and the offshore industry. Mr. Jacobs also tries to sponsor at least one seminar each year and frequently speak at other conferences and seminars.

All of his ebooks, past seminar presentations, research reports and twice monthly newsletter are available as part of a subscription service at one very reasonable price for everything. Also, for a little more than the price of a two year subscription, Mr. Jacobs offers a phone consultation for up to an hour to answer your questions.

If you are ready to learn the truth about the benefits and pitfalls of different methods of asset protection -- such as limited partnerships, limited liability companies, homestead exemptions, foreign trusts, foreign annuities or life insurance, reporting foreign bank accounts, the U.S. tax treatment of foreign corporations, passive foreign investment companies, foreign partnerships, foreign disregarded entities and much, much more, then you need Mr. Jacobs' economical but very competent services and advice.

Offshore Press provides in-depth, objective answers to your questions about asset protection and international tax law providing straight non-technical answers with research reports, books, newsletters, seminars or personal consultations by phone. All of Mr. Jacobs (who has been in business since 1981) and Offshore Press, Inc's information products are sold with a no-hassle money back satisfaction guarantee and due to the quality content and help Mr. Jacobs services has provided over the last 30 years, rarely has has anyone requested a refund.

Portions of the above content and details taken from Vernon Jacobs, CPA and Offshore Press, Inc. If you would like more information about Mr. Jacob's advisory services, books or publications, please click "HERE" and our staff will be happy to personally forward your request to Mr. Jacob's office.

If you would like to consider additional options and/or are looking for more information regarding going offshore, international business, international investments, precious metals investing, gold investing please click "HERE".

If you would like more information about how citizens from various countries as well as many Americans including prominent and highly regarded social and business leaders in America are striving to reclaim personal and business freedoms, privacy and prosperity not only for themselves, but also for their fellow countrymen in their country, please click "HERE".

If you would like more information about privacy issues both on and off the internet please click "HERE".

Timely news to keep you informed about changes & events on the internet, in the business world as well as the merchant banking industry.

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If you have been looking and looking for information about how to properly deal with the aspects of multi-national business, how to manage international investing, tax obligations and asset protection, click here.
Global financial crisis,
upheavals in social
stability, feeling like
everything you do is
being "watched" or
worse, taxed to death,
finding conflicting info
on the internet about
international business
or going "offshore",

What does a person do?

If you are in need of access to one of most extensive user friendly and easy to understand library archives and timely on-going reports and resources about what is really going on, how to properly deal with the aspects of multi-national business, how to manage international investing, tax obligations and asset protection, you need to check this out.

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                        the aspects of multi-national business, how to manage international investing, tax obligations
                        and asset protection.



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