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Merchant accounts available for merchants around the world There are those who make things happen, and then there are those who wonder what happened! Find out what to look for *and* what to expect when venturing offshore for merchant accounts processing, offshore companies, investments and banking services.

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Acceptable business types What is
an acceptable
business model?
What is an acceptable
merchant? These are
some terms you have
probably heard asked.
These terms some times
mean pretty much the
same, but sometimes not.

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Audio, music, mobile ring  tones and software download merchantsAudio / Music
Mobile Ring Tones
Software Download
Adult merchant accountsAudio Text / Adult
Online Entertainment
Inbound call center merchant accountsCall Centers
Inbound Telemarketing
Outbound call center merchant accountsCall Centers
Outbound Telemkg.
International call center merchant accountsCall Centers
Credit repair merchant accountsCredit Repair
Online dating, introduction and matchmaking merchant accountsDating / Introduction
Online Matchmaking
E-Wallet Merchant AccountsE-Wallet
Electronic Wallet
Forex Foreign Exch. Merchant AccountsForex
Foreign Exchange
Currency Trading
Internet and online sales merchant accountsGeneral Internet
& Online Sales
Life, medical discount insurance merchant accountsLife Insurance
Medical Insurance
Medical Discount
Low volume offshore merchant accountsLow Volume Offshore
Based Businesses
Low volume U.S. merchant accountsLow volume U.S.
Based Businesses
Magazine Subscription Merchant Accounts For High Volume MerchantsMerchant Accounts
For Magazine Sales &
Subscription Merchants
MOTO Mail order telephone order merchant accountsMOTO
Mail Telephone Order
Security and alarm system monitoring merchant accountsSecurity Systems
Alarm Monitoring
Vitamins, suppliments and herbal male enchancement merchant
Herbal Enhancement
High risk merchant accounts for TMF'd merchants.TMF Merchants
Vitamins, suppliments and herbal male enchancement merchant accountsUnlocked Wireless
Mobile Phones
Vacation, travel, tours and timeshare merchant accountsVacation / Travel
Tours / Timeshare
Gaming, poker rooms, online pharmacy, tobacco and replica merchant accountsSpecial Situations
Not Listed Here i.e.
*Gaming/Poker Rooms
*Online Pharmacy
U.S. medium and high risk merchant accountsU.S. Medium To
High Risk Processing
ACH check processing merchant accountsACH Check Processing
Offshore banking, bank accounts, IBC's, Trusts and company formation servicesOffshore Banking
IBC's / Trusts
Nevada company and corporation formation servicesU.S. Nevada
Corporations / LLC's
Wyoming company and corporation formation servicesU.S. Wyoming
Corporations / LLC's

Acceptable merchantsAcceptable

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About Us:
Offshore Merchant Account On The Net tm sm

Merchant Account On the Net tm sm who encourages everyone to seek out and succeed at their business goals, has been providing credit card and ACH check processing services for stateside and international high volume and higher risk merchants since the mid 90's, as well as providing select stateside and offshore company formation and support services through our stateside and international partners.

Do not hesitate to come and bring your business associates to Offshore Merchant Account On The Net tm sm to find out what to look for *and* what to expect when looking for high volume and/or higher risk merchant account processing, offshore company formation as well as merchant banking services.

Thanks for helping your merchants be successful! - Steve Forbes. At one of the largest financial conventions of it's kind in the world and in spite of still recovering from back surgery, Steve Forbes, publisher of 'Forbes' Magazine, one of the most widely respected and recognized business and finance magazines in the world, did not hesitate to attend and participate in the many discussion groups and financial lectures at the conference that was widely followed by local national, and international media. And while there, Steve extended a 'thank you' to one of our staff for us helping all of our merchants to be successful in their business efforts. Capitalism in it's purest form is a friend to all business people conservative or liberal in nature, who desire to excel in what ever business they desire to be successful in.

Offshore Merchant Account On The Net tm sm, a strong believer in the global benefits of true capitalism, provides MSP, ISO and relationship merchant processing services to it's clients worldwide to help them be successful in their business efforts, and works with a consortium of select stateside and offshore underwriter groups, processors, banks, accounting, company formation and law firm partners to provide stateside as well international clients from most every country, a wide spectrum of merchant banking related services.

Most every business, whether conservative or liberal in their views, would have a hard time not being considered capitalist in nature as most all dictionaries define a 'Capitalist' as "a person who has capital, esp. extensive capital, invested in business enterprises". In other words, a merchant is someone desiring to establish a livelihood not by living off of social welfare, but by being productive and successful in business by the very sweat, diligence and ingenuity of their own efforts.

Without a doubt, most every merchant that we interact with has invested considerable time, effort, money and resources (otherwise known as 'capital') into their business venture. In order for a merchant to not be considered a capitalist, they would have to all but abandon their business ventures.

Steve Forbes is a world renowned business and financial expert as well as publisher of Forbes Magazine. Steve Forbes is a world renowned business and financial expert, publisher as well as noted author of a number of books including the New York Times bestseller "Power Ambition Glory" and his recently released work "How Capitalism Will Save Us" which addresses the current economic conditions and global financial crisis with his financial and professional insight on how to solve the global financial crisis using sound economic policy both in America as well as globally which we highly encourage every business person around the world as well as anyone else that has any interest in their financial future, to pick up a copy of the book shown below at your local retail or online book store, and to read and consider the benefits of Steve's insight.

How Capitalism Will Save Us by Steve Forbes If just one in a hundred business people across the many lands of the world read Steve's book and influence a hundred other business associates around them to embrace the concepts Steve promotes, we think that most all of the people of the world both small and great would have a much brighter and more prosperous future. Hong Kong, which has the most business freedom environment of any jurisdiction also has one of the highest concentrations of millionaires per capita, and in spite of Hong Kong having a very dense population, the last time we checked also had the highest concentration of Rolls Royce automobiles per capita in the world. All because of the business freedoms still being extended to business people there.

Many websites on the internet are portraying themselves to be offshore credit card processors who are more times than not just brokers charging stiff up-front fees even to apply as a method of profit taking or worse, masquerading as offshore processors and promising to approve most anyone while offering rates that are just too good to be true (which most always is the case), but are in reality conducting fraudulent business activities against unsuspecting merchants as a very lucrative method of profit taking at the merchant's expense and who's processor, underwriter and sponsor bank's location if they exist at all, are rarely revealed to the merchant. Here at Offshore Merchant Account On The Net tm sm, there is never any cost to have your project's profile reviewed or to submit your application package or to get an approval status from the underwriters and bank.

If you would like to help your bottom line improve and at the same time offer additional payment options to your customers, then ACH check processing and/or stateside or offshore credit card processing may help you achieve your goals. Do not hesitate to click on your industry category listed at the left and submit your business profile securely on our conenvient online form to get started today.

We look forward to being of service!

Corporate Services Division
Offshore Merchant Account On The Net tm sm

Offshore Merchant Account On The Net tm sm gets no compensation or consideration for encouraging others to read Steve's book "How Capitalism Will Save Us". The views in Steve's book are so critical not only for the prosperity of America as well as the rest of the world, but even for the very survival of modern civilization as we know it. We prefer that all Entrepreneurs, business people and those that work for them prosper and be rewarded for their hard work and in so doing, the communities, cities and countries that they live in will likewise prosper. To oppress and choke out the Entrepreneurial spirit that is within all of us, will ultimately extinguish the very life out of mankind.

Timely news to keep you informed about changes & events on the internet, in the business world as well as the merchant banking industry.

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Do you wonder if your personal identity and financial information is being protected by the service companies that you trust your personal information with?

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If you have been looking and looking for information about how to properly deal with the aspects of multi-national business, how to manage international investing, tax obligations and asset protection, click here.
Global financial crisis,
upheavals in social
stability, feeling like
everything you do is
being "watched" or
worse, taxed to death,
finding conflicting info
on the internet about
international business
or going "offshore",

What does a person do?

If you are in need of access to one of most extensive user friendly and easy to understand library archives and timely on-going reports and resources about what is really going on, how to properly deal with the aspects of multi-national business, how to manage international investing, tax obligations and asset protection, you need to check this out.

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